What is ZroNet?

The mobile service that removes data charges

Download the ZroNet app and discover mobile content that is data FREE to access on your mobile. If you don’t see your favourite app, try a new one, or check in daily or follow us on social media to find out when your favourite apps have #GONEFREE.

The ZroNet app also rewards you with free data bundles for downloading or using selected mobile apps for a specific period of time.

Simply download ZroNet, register your number, and select an offer. Then, start saving or earning mobile data. It’s that simple.

How does it work I hear you ask. We persuade companies to pay for the data on your behalf. So now when you access mobile videos, websites, and apps on ZroNet. It is COMPLETELY FREE of data charges.

Just make sure you have your mobile data switched ON to ensure the service is working.  Once your mobile data is on,  and open ZroNet and claim one of the many promotions in order to allow you to use selected mobile apps and websites completely free of data charges; even when your mobile has zero balance.

Why do you think we call it ZroNet.

Download, register, and join us on social media to find out when your favourite app goes data free.

We’re all about creating great ways for you to save and earn mobile data.

Making your mobile fun again!

Find out the different ways you can enjoy free internet

ZroNet App

Download the ZroNet app to get free data access to mobile apps and websites

ZroNet Data Rewards

Look out from vouchers and data reward coupons on different products. Use these vouchers to claim free data bundles

ZroNet Videos

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