What is ZroNet?

ZroNet is a service that enables companies to pay for the data usage related to specific mobile apps, website, and content  on behalf of subscribers.

With ZroNet, subscribers can browse, stream, use apps, and enjoy content from our data sponsors without impacting their data allowance.

When we say a specific app or website is free of data charges, what we really mean is that its already been paid for by one of our partners, and as a result, there are no data charges to you, the subscriber.

Am I Eligible?

For you to be eligible to access ZroNet content you have to meet two criteria. One – the SIM you use to access ZroNet content must be registered on a participating Mobile Network; two – a Company that is running a campaign or promotion have to include you into the target audience.

Generally speaking, ZroNet is available to post-paid and pre-paid customers on participating networks who have an active 3G or 4G LTE capable device – including smartphones, tablets, laptop modems, and mobile hotspots.

How do I know when I am accessing ZroNet content?

Companies using the service will notify customers directly, or an offer will be marked with the ZroNet logo. In the case of some apps and websites, you will be informed that you are using the app without data charges. If you are unsure if a company is providing ZroNet content or app, you should contact the company for additional clarification through their normal customer service channels. If you want to verify that the content is actually data free, access it when your mobile balance is zero, and you should be able to access the app, website, or content as normal.

Do all subscribers see the same ZroNet offers?

Not necessarily. Some ZroNet offers can vary by customer. Importantly, if you’re not eligible for a promotion, for example because you are not on a participating network, you won’t be able to access the content when you click on a ZroNet link.  Check our Partner section for a list of participating networks currently running the ZroNet service.

Where can I find ZroNet?

Companies that use the ZroNet service on their website or in their application will notify you directly regarding ZroNet offers, the offer eligibility, expiration and any other details. You can also access data-free mobile apps through the ZroNet android app, which you can find here.

What does a ZroNet offer look like?”

For example, for a ZroNet video, a customer may receive an SMS message with a short message and a URL. Clicking the URL will take you to a mobile web page with an embedded video. Pressing play will start the video. Once the video is finished, the customer can watch the video again. Note that some offers may limit the number of times you can view the video. Depending on the offer, a customer might be rewarded with free data for watching the video to the end. Either way, the customer’s data plan will not be impacted. Or a company can offer you to scan a QR code on a print material such as advert in a newspaper or a flyer. Once you scan a QR code you will be able to access specific online content.

What kind of ZroNet offers and promotions are available?

ZroNet offers and promotions come in different forms.

For ZroNet Video Views, a company may sponsor video content, allowing you to view the video for free.

For ZroNet Data Rewards, a company will reward you with a free data bundle interacting with their brand. This could be liking their Facebook page, downloading an app, buying a product, or registering for a promotion.

For ZroNet Apps, a company will make their mobile app free of any data charges. So you can use the app even if you have zero data balance. They can even reward you with data for downloading the app, or completing a transaction on the app. Data free Apps can also be found using the ZroNet App.

For ZroNet Surveys, a company may contact you by SMS or email to complete a short survey in exchange for a free data bundle or other reward.

What all ZroNet campaigns have in common is that they will either help you earn or save mobile data.

Does ZroNet cost me anything?

If you are on a participating network, the ZroNet service is available at no additional cost to the customer. When accessing ZroNet content on websites and applications, data usage will not be applied to your usage allowance.

Do I have a contract with ZroNet

No. There is no contractual relationship between you (a subscriber) and ZroNet. Your use of ZroNet service is voluntary which means if you don’t want to access specific content you can choose not to. Your use of ZroNet will be subject to your mobile service provider’s terms and conditions.

If you have questions about other services or mobile connectivity, you should contact your mobile service provider direct via its customer care line or in other available ways

Can I use ZroNet with my prepaid device?

Yes. ZroNet is available to customers on pre-paid and post-paid data services.

Does ZroNet work internationally?

No, ZroNet is only available on the domestic operator’s network.

Does ZroNet content usage show up on my bill?

ZroNet usage will not show up on your bill if you’re a post-paid subscriber. For pre-paid customers, even when you have zero balance you’ll be able to access ZroNet content, websites and apps.

Why was I charged for data usage when I was accessing ZroNet content?

If you believe that you were charged for accessing ZroNet content, please contact your mobile service provider via its customer care line or in other available ways.

Does ZroNet work when I’m in a tethering session or using a mobile hotspot?

Yes. ZroNet works when a customer is connected domestically to their mobile operator’s network on an eligible device and rate plan, including when on a tethering session via smartphone, tablet, or mobile hotspot.

Do Optimisation Settings in applications affect ZroNet?

Some mobile web browsers, like Opera Mini, and mobile internet settings that optimize speed and efficiency of content delivery may remove original URLs and therefore not allow ZroNet service to function as designed. ZroNet may not be able to determine if you are using a proxy, as such, data usage that flows through a proxy may be deducted from your data plan. ZroNet recommends you use Android Chrome browser or iPhone’s Safari browser to guarantee your data plan is not impacted and you have the best user experience.

If I am not an eligible customer but do try accessing ZroNet content, what will happen?

You will see a message informing you that you cannot access the content because you are not eligible for this campaign or promotion. Please refer the question above to read about eligibility. Note that non-eligible subscribers will never be invited to participate in a ZroNet campaign by an advertiser.

How do I opt out from receiving SMS notifications about ZroNet campaigns?

You can opt-out from receiving SMS messages by following instructions from your mobile service provider. Alternatively, you can submit your mobile number in the Opt Out section on the ZroNet website and we will pass it on to your mobile service provider. Once opted-out, you will still be able to access ZroNet content if you are eligible and so wish.

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