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Using the ZroNet App

It depends on what offers and data bundles are available to be claimed. However the amount of data assigned for each offer is always indicated in the app

Once you flout any of the ZroNet rules three times, you would be indefinitely suspended.

Once you claim an offer featured on the ZroNet app, you should be able to use it without affecting your main data balance and be able to work effectively on zero balance

Once you open the app, you would several sponsored apps on display for you to claim, all you must do is open it and click on the option “claim” in the app to be able to use it

Yes. ZroNet works when a customer is connected domestically to their mobile operator’s network on an eligible device and rate plan, including when on a tethering session via smartphone, tablet, or mobile hotspot

No, you do not have to open the ZroNet App every time you claim an offer. Once you claim an offer on the ZroNet App, there is no need coming back to the App every time you want to enjoy your free data

No, you can’t, ZroNet is a mobile service which gives priority to heavy consumers of mobile content.

Yes, you can. Simply email your suggestions support@zronet.com and once we have enough demand for it, it will go free on the app.

Yes, you can, from time to time you are asked to suggest apps you would want to use free of Data charges. You will get these updates once you follow any of our social media pages on the following:
a) Twitter: @zronet
b) Facebook: @zronet
c) Instagram: @zronet

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